A Few Preview Images:

zào | create

This character is a combination of 4 basic images:







This image for CREATE pictures the first man, Adam. He was a walking and talking, living dust man. The three images on the right (life, dust, man) combine to give us the word talk. Click here for more info.

fú | happiness

This character is a combination of 4 basic images:







This image for HAPPINESS pictures God and one man (Adam) in the garden. What greater happiness could be experienced that being with God in the garden of Eden? Click here for more info.

yuán | garden

This character is a combination of 5 basic images:

An enclosure



Two people



This image for a GARDEN pictures an enclosure in which are two people made of dust in whom is the breath of life. Of particular note is that the second person is coming from the side of the first! Click here for more info.

yì | righteousness

This character is a combination of 3 basic images:






This image for a RIGHTEOUSNESS pictures a lamb covering over a hand with a knife. Interestingly, the hand and knife together is an image for me. The character pictures sacrifice and atonement. Click here for more info.

chuán | ship, boat

This character is a combination of 3 basic images:






This image for a SHIP pictures a boat with eight people. Ships generally have a sizeable crew, certainly more than 8, but the ark described in Genesis had Noah, his three sons, and their wives - 8 people. Click here for more info.

About The Genesis Echo Project

The Genesis Echo is an ongoing investigation of pre-Babel history as recorded in both the Bible and the etymology of the Chinese language. The written codex of China is not alphabetic, but pictorial.


In her book, Chinese Cinderella : The Secret Story of an Unwanted Daughter, Chinese-American physician and author Adeline Yen Mah gives a brief description of the written Chinese language:


Chinese is a pictorial language, not a phonetic one. Our words come from images. The meaning of many characters is subtle and profound. Other words are poetic and even philosophical. (Chinese Cinderella, New York : Dell Laurel-Leaf, 1999, p. 152)


Two or more simple pictures are joined together to create more complex characters and ideas. In the Genesis Echo project, we are reversing the process. We are looking at the complex images, seeking to see what the etymological components are. What is the construction of this character - what simple pictures have been combined to give us this more complex image? And what is the meaning behind it? And the results are astonishing. In over 100 Chinese characters thus far, the story of pre-Babel history is recorded in amazing detail.

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